The primary objective of this website is your awakening, continued learning and advancement. The awakening to what you already know must be at least begun prior to the attempt at learning anything new and an open communication with your true nature is essential to both.

What it must have been like to have grown up in England during WWII.

Well, now you can find out what it was like. “Star”, a woman who was born in Chelsea, England, before WWII, visits with host Chris Kuknyo. She tells about buzz bombs, the blitz, being relocated to the British countryside, and finally being sent to Canada.

Don’t miss this.


Therefore the first area of concentration shall be the awakening of your self to yourSelf.

From and through that shall you be able to do that which you are here to do; assist others here in their awakening, from a unified base which provides explanation, guidance and direction rather than perpetuating or furthering divisiveness and confusion.

It is for this reason that we suggest you begin with the learning of the Universal Language AHN-KAH-HAH-RAH (Eh k’entoo),the study of understanding truth which is based on and within the balance and frequency of the sound current of existence and spoken everywhere else except here, for it is through the understanding to be gained therefrom that much of your true awakening can finally begin –

The truth will be related to you of the following priorities:

* The earth changes/planetary shift

* The tools needed to re-connect you to yourSelf – how to function from your true nature

* How your mind truly functions

* A history that has brought this world its confusions and turmoil that exists today

* A ‘mission’ to begin to rectify those confusions and turmoil and bring this place back to the position within Existence it once held and can hold again

* The way other planets operate and the ones that are inhabited

* Energy balance within physicalness and its structure

* And many more subjects as we progress in our expansion of consciousness

It is the decision and determination of each individual present on this planet, as to whether the more recent historic trend will be allowed to continue, or whether the commitment will be made, here and now, to do all that is necessary to reverse the trend and re-align this place with a history it has forgotten it has. It begins with you and your commitment to yourSelf, to learn, grow and become.

There is only understanding and challenge – to Self, to Truth and to accomplishing what must be done. We work together as a team for we strive for an identical goal of – –

Peace, harmony and love, Kastara


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