In these days of change, there must be understanding of what is happening and that which is yet to come. The future is upon us Now, and what we do at this critical time will determine our part and place in the rapidly changing world we live in. In order to make valid determinations, we must have the understanding of ourselves as individuals, and the circumstances in which we find ourselves, which requires clarity of thought, clarity of communication, and undistorted explanations of what is transpiring and what lies ahead.

Through instruction in the Universal Language is provided a clear, concise method of communication, based in the overall sound current, on and through the proper vibrational balance of the flow of the Universal Principles which underlie all things, assisting in the establishing of clarity and commonality of terminology for the communication of the necessary understanding.

The language which is the common base of communication for the overall essence, or soul, as well as for physical life on other planets, it is that which shall come to be re-established here through and after the time of transition and major changes which is imminent, enabling undistorted transmission and communication on many levels with those who wish to assist as well as with each other here. It provides a common base for current communication as well as being the first major step into the unity of tomorrow.

The planetary cycle will re-establish the planetary balance, but only the individual can re-establish a personal balance. Each individual must become attuned to himself, the Truth within himself, and the reflection of that Truth in the entirety of what surrounds him if he is to proceed into the world of harmony for which he yearns, and which shall follow the transition time approaching.

The overemotionalized reactivisms of the conscious mind are the elements which stand between any individual and the true peace and harmony he seeks, as well as creating the blockages and barriers to his ability to understand the changes approaching, those occurring, the world as it is, his friends and acquaintances, personal relationships, and himself. Even with the amount of attempt being made to reach those understandings in recent times, there remains a vast lack of explanation and true guidance in this basic principle, resulting in less than complete transcendence of these barriers.

In order to reach the objective of harmonious living, stable and satisfying personal relationships, full realization of inner potentials, and the spectrum of ‘utopia’ wished and projected for this world, each individual must begin with himself. The guidance, and the explanations so long and sadly lacking are here, from how to recognize and develop your own inner potentials, to application of proper vibration for Self attunement and healing, to receiving undistorted transmissions and establishing common communication through understanding the Universal Language, to the true make-up, interrelation and proper utilization of physical manifestation, and more.

For those who yearn to be free, and those who think they already are, for all who long to understand, and those who think they already do, we invite you to come journey with us on the road to discovery of a Self you never knew in the spirit of peace, harmony and balance which shall pervade the Now Age.

The world is changing rapidly, and the people who live here need a greater understanding in order to be able to change and grow with it. That understanding is what AWAKENING AWARENESS is all about.

The place is here, the time is Now. 




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