The following lists the eight DF Districts and indicates the areas present on the globe prior to the Holocaust that still existed after, which would be included in each. Remember, however, that those areas which were so named and referenced prior to the Holocaust were, actually, much different, and in most cases, less area thereafter.

District I
Austria                                    Hungary
Belarus                                   Italy
Bosnia                                    Poland
Bulgaria                                  Romania
Czech Republic                     Russia (eastern, through Moscow)
Croatia                                   Serbia
France                                    Slovakia
Germany                                Switzerland

District II
Kazakhstan                            Kyrgyzstan
Russia (western, from
Moscow to the Ural Mountains)

District III                             District IV
Africa                                     Australia

District V                              District VI
Canada                                  Mexico
United States

District VII                            District VIII
South America                      Greenland

                                                                       Taken from “GATEWAY TO TOMORROW” 

A trilogy depicting the time period 2044 through 2098 and follows the life of Dr. ADRIAN KARMIKEL, the main character, the individual who had been prophesied in many diverse cultures as the One who will bring us back into alignment with the rest of Existence.

Author’s Note —

              For those who think of this as fiction:

                             We must remember that reality is only that which we make it

              For those who think of this a fact:

                             We must remember that actuality is only that which we perceive it to be

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