Maldek: What REALLY Happened

Whether you spell it ‘Maldek’, ‘Maldec’, or ‘Maldeck’ makes no difference, it remains the same story.  The tale, as it has been related here, states that ‘Maldek’ was a planet between ‘Mars’ and ‘Jupiter’ which evolved in similar fashion to this one, and eventually blew itself to pieces through the use and misuse of nuclear power.  The assumption appears to be that there was some type of warfare involved, although no specifics are normally given, and that there is a great parallel to what is currently happening here.  Within, through, and from that assumption have developed many claims, utilizing ‘Maldek’ and its supposed fate as some form of justification or support.  From some backhanded validation of the idea of a planetary evacuation to support for the arguments in refutation of that idea, to an impetus for the protestation of nuclear development, to an explanation of an otherwise rather puzzling astronomical phenomenon, called by science here ‘the asteroid belt’, the story of ‘Maldek’ appears many times and has captured a great deal of attention in many areas for a variety of reasons.  It has been determined, therefore, that it would be of considerable benefit to all concerned to establish the proper facts before there is any further misrepresentation or misinterpretation.

Maldek was not only NOT a planet between Mars and Jupiter, it was not a planet at all.  The name was Mahl-deh-koo, and it was a moon of Earth, the largest of the three, Ri-aht and Hi-tee (our moon), all inhabited, and the farthest from the planet in its orbit.  One of its primary functions was direct work with individuals who would travel from other places, of many diverse environmental balances and differing physical structures, some from rather long distances, others quite close, to stay for a period of time to study and receive intensive training.  The leadership of Maldek spent a great deal of time in instruction and guidance.  Maldek was, therefore an extremely busy place with visitors and leadership continuously arriving and departing.  An integral functioning part of a highly esteemed and quite important administrative system, it was not, as has been espoused, merely in the development stages of its evolution.

Now you are asking ‘So, how did it get destroyed, and how did it get from where it was
to where it is now?  Why do so many seem to get verification of the story as it stands?’.  



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