KastaraKASTARA was born in England, christened Antoinette Rain Helen Wilmot and attended a private boarding school in Sussex at the age of six to escape the bombing of London after the family home was destroyed in the blitz.

She worked for BOAC at London Airport and travelled the world before immigrating to America at the age of twenty-two.  Met her future husband in Lincoln, Nebraska whilst working as a practical nurse, and as he was a pilot for a cargo airline, was subject to annual transfers to many States.

It was in Washington, D.C., that they met the Teacher.  Their lives changed from that moment on – it was their awakening to their life mission!

HAVAR taught informally every Saturday evening; students from all over the world attending.  They learned about other lifetimes, life on other planets, existence, energy, the past and especially the future and the forthcoming planetary shift that our planet Earth has to make in order to rebalance and center itself to align with the rest of existence.    Especially interesting was learning the Universal Language, Eh k’entoo, which is spoken everywhere else in existence except here.  Every individual, when created, is given a name based on the vibration and energy within, and Kastara changed her name to better reflect her trueSelf as did her husband.


HAVAR was a ‘walk-in’ of male energy to the female structure of Kava Mara and was not of this planet, actually running two physical structures, an extension here of his primary structure on planet Vi-erh-ray-vah (unknown to us here) and a member of the Primary Council of Existence.

Shortly thereafter, it was decided to move to Prescott, Arizona, where he continued teaching the knowledge of the universe and incorporated U.F.E.A. (Universal Foundation for Education and Advancement), lecturing and publishing many books and pamphlets of the knowledge.

Unfortunately, the team of the Mission To Planet Earth disbanded after the death and departure of HAVAR, but Kastara has dedicated the rest of her life to continue to make available these incredible teachings by this phenomenal Teacher, to all who are willing to embrace their spiritual growth and advancement and so contribute to bring the truth to the very confused individuals of our world.


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