Mission to ‘Planet Earth’

   At a time longer ago than current science of this planet can verify the existence of the planet itself, farther back than imagination has conceived, and long before any recorded history presently available here, this planet held an extremely important place in the functioning process. 

The details of what that place was is a subject for another time, simply suffice it to say that it served as a major training ground and principal backup to the primary administrative center for one of the five first-level divisions of physical mani-festation.  It ranked very high in esteem everywhere, and was an integral part of the ongoing progress of the process of existence as a whole, with technology, ability, and availability within the process the like of which has not been imagined here in eons of time.

  There is a mission currently in progress here, and the purpose of this pamphlet is to explain and define what it is, when it began and the reason for its importance.  There are many individuals here who were very specifically trained for this over a considerable period of time, but the lack of guidance, direction and continued training and explanation on a physical basis has allowed the confusion, misinterpretations and conscious mind programs of here to be the controlling factors in your lives and you have forgotten your reason for being here in the first place. 

Under the circumstances, it has been determined that what is necessary is a reiteration, physically, to the conscious mind directly, of that which you knew before your training began, reinforced throughout that training period, and which you, as an individual essence on a non-physical basis, still know. The total number of individuals to be selected for each of the three categories to be physically present here during the implementation was determined at the normal average population

of a standard functioning planet, or 3,772,080. The implementation was determined to take place in three stages, surrounding the projected time-frame of planetary cycle, the first to provide preliminary understandings and basic foundations during the preparation time preceding, the second to provide solidarity of understanding and stability of direction through the process itself and preliminary leadership afterwards, and the third to provide the leadership and direction for the major rebuilding to be done following stabilization.

What, then, went wrong? . . .


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