A Greeting…

The method of living on this planet is about to radically change.  Land will sink beneath the oceans while other land shall rise. The population shall greatly decrease, in progressive stages. This has begun and shall continue, accelerating with the cataclysm of the land, and continuing for a period of time thereafter, until stability is reached. All of this is necessary for the restoration of the balance.

During this period of change it is also necessary that there be at least some who understand and can explain, to those who will listen, what is happening and why. These individuals shall be from diverse backgrounds of early thought and teachings, enabling them to relate to the many different areas of acceptance within the masses and bring those differences into a unified understanding. These individuals will be very carefully chosen, having been thoroughly trained and prepared through their preceding experiences in a fashion, which at no time explained precisely, or for what that preparation was transpiring.

They will not know, even when the time has come for their choosing, for that is part of the selection process. It will come in ways that will differ, as the individuals differ, and shall be the final analysis of their ability to do that which must be done. It shall call them forward to accept, without acceptance, through avenues which are at the same time familiar yet different from experiences they had had within their preparation time.

For many it will appear as a challenge to all they believe, yet with acceptance shall come the understanding that it challenges nothing but incorporates everything. Some adjustment will be necessary for most who carry fixed and immobile viewpoints, but with the inter-blending and unification which is provided within shall be overcome all fears and explained all discrepancies.

Those who fight the movement of this tide shall find themselves simply swept aside, unharmed, to be left with their misunderstandings until some later time when they shall be presented with the accomplished facts and given then the final choice to stay or go. Others will simply be lifted out to receive their training and understanding in other ways, never recognizing the tide which swept them.

The call shall not come through established channels, nor in expected ways. The presentation shall not be made in previously explained terms or by individuals of previously accepted authority. No proof shall be offered. It shall be demanded of each individual so called to determine his own proof through his own internal witness, setting aside his expectations and assumptions in favor of the acceptance guided by his higher nature. In and through this shall the understanding come which shall lead to the unification within the Whole of Truth within Reality in Love.

So shall the call be given, and from that acceptance so shall the choice be made. There are no preset qualifications other than these. No one is greater than another, and it is those who consider themselves the least to whom the call shall first go out.

Those who consider themselves among the best shall, for the most part, never hear it, as those who wait for it in preconceived ways shall never recognize it. Many shall be approached and worked with during the selection time, but few shall they be who make the acceptance and are chosen to begin the final stage of their preparation to lead this world into its New Beginning.

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