In these times of difficulty, we find ourselves struggling. But truly this is nothing new. We human beings, the so-called ‘civilized’ and ‘higher intelligence’ inhabitants of this world, have been struggling for centuries, and consistently missing the point. The struggle is not, nor has it ever been, against anything rather it is toward something — true individual independence.

The true independence of an individual is not contingent on anything external: it is found within, through discovery of and reunification with one’s true nature. Only in this state of self-oneness is an individual ever truly independent.

Over the years we have continually heard the cries emanating from the myriad of definitions of the term independence. As applied to nations, it normally means the trading of one oppressive government for another, which claims to be less so. As applied to individuals, it most frequently carries the connotation of money, as in ‘independently wealthy’. But by true definition, independent means free; and the normal accepted uses of the term most certainly do not.

Freedom from worry, from prohibitive controls, from painful desires, from reactive emotions, from greed, from want, from insecurity, from inequality — the list seems endless. This is the independence, the freedom, that is being sought.

And it is this freedom your true nature already possesses.

Every living thing possesses a higher nature or essence than is manifest in merely the surface appearance of the physical structure. Generally, when including all living organisms in the discussion, this essence is referred to as the soul. When discussing Homo sapiens, this essence has been called Soul, Self, True Self, Cosmic or Christ Consciousness, oversoul, unconscious, subconscious, superconscious, and many other names in various religions and philosophies.

It is that which provides the instinctive knowing of how to live, what to do, how to do it, and what is correct action for an individual at any given time. Though this is considered quite natural and proper for plants and animals, it has been labelled ‘occult’, ‘magical’, ‘metaphysical’, ‘supernatural’, ‘mystical’, ‘eerie’, and often ‘insane’ when manifest in humans.

Because of their less developed conscious thinking-process, plants and animals do not question or attempt to analyse their instincts; they merely do what is right for them at the time. Humans, on the other hand, do the exact opposite.

Taught from childhood to analyze, criticize, condemn, and suppress all instinct, we become an explosive conglomerate of repressions, frustrations, unanswered questions, and conditioned reactions. Deep within we yearn to be free — and know we can be — but the conditioned, programmed conscious thinking-process cannot grasp this concept, and therefore rejects its validity.

Throughout time there have been those who have awakened themselves to their own higher nature, in whole or in part, and seen through the veil of conditioning which blinds and rules the mass of human-kind. These individuals have been called everything from gods to devils, suffered a variety of persecutions, and have in many cases become the subject of one or more types of religious worship.

Yet they did not set out to be worshiped, nor did they become martyrs by choice; they merely stood firm on the foundation of their own true nature and attempted to point the way for others to do the same, accepting the outcome of their efforts with a calm assurance that they had done all they could at and for that time.

These individuals have been from all walks of life, spreading their message in diverse ways. Some have been travelling speakers, some writers, some artists, some musicians; some have come from the heights of royalty and/or wealth, some from the depths of poverty, some from all ranges between.

Their message can be found from fiction to philosophy and psychology, from baroque to modem art, from classical to rock music. Many of those not viewed as religious figures have been seen as philosophers, the most recent of them often categorized as religious leaders, spiritual teachers, and mystics.

The classifications are immaterial. What is important is only that they be able to be identified and separated from those who are merely spouting words in order to gratify some self-aggrandizement. The mis-leaders are there, to be sure, particularly in these times of such great searching by so many, but they are easily spotted, once you understand.

As a start, any philosophy that requires specific contributions, dispossession of all assets, major offerings, isolation from society, regimented activities, pledges of absolute loyalty, and the like, should be viewed with the highest suspicion. Becoming attuned to your true nature and discovering and reflecting yourSelf does not need any such radical physical changes or actions; as a matter of fact, it does not require any physical changes at all.

One does not need to disappear to some ‘retreat’, follow some ‘guru’, listen to the words of some long-dead ‘seer’ given through the mouth of some ‘psychic channeller’, or anything else of that sort. All one needs to do is apply a few basic techniques, as easily done in your own kitchen or office as in any ‘mystic (and usually expensive) retreat’, follow your own instincts, and listen to your own true nature.

Self-awareness is not found anywhere but within yourself; nor is it reflected by how much physical suffering or sacrifice you endure. It is a state of quiet beingness, a simple sense of gentle happiness that permeates the entirety of one who has discovered it, exuding a calmness into the surrounding atmosphere wherever such an individual goes. And it is the complete independence and total freedom you have been so desperately seeking for so long.

The theme of this writing is not only to express the fact that freedom is possible but to awaken the sleeping instinctive knowing of that fact within you, and to provide a road map to assist you in finding your way. You already possess the Kingdom; you need only to discover the keys.



OBSERVATION impartial and attentive objective observation knowing what is going on at all times

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT the fact that a barrier exists
   Recognition identification of the barrier
   Acceptance as being strictly within own mind without guilt – just a fact
   Understanding further observation digging into mental recesses – a barrier has been recognized and accepted but now the totality of it – do not be afraid to look

TRANSCENDENCE realize the problem has nothing to do with YOU trueSelf
   Knowledge your kingdom exists so you can obtain your freedom and have the knowledge of what needs to be done
   Understanding what you have been taught, what you understand then retain
   Application apply what has been learned, consistently and internally
   Realization applying your understanding becomes realization, a continual balancing factor maintaining constant objective observation at all times.

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