The Star*Child’s Guide Book
The language is known as Eh k’entoo, which means ‘the means by which to understand truth’, and it is a language like no other in that it is based on and in the proper balance of vibration through and within the sound current. It was created as a patterning of sound by which to mould a transmittable idea or concept so as to enable it to be understood by any individual regardless of his level of awareness.

It blends into and is a part of the overall sound current, attuning both the individual who forms it and he who receives it to that current, to each other, and to the concept which that sound represents. As a functioning practice, the forming and transmitting of concept through sound began long before physical manifestation was even conceived.

Therefore, it could be said that is a language which existed long before there were mouths to speak it. In that fashion has it remained the vehicle for non-physical communication through sound, and was brought into physical manifestation at its inception to facilitate the communication process.

It remains the spoken language in all places which have retained their original foundations, rooted in awareness, and is, therefore, the language you spoke in your lifetimes elsewhere. This is one factor which assists in the awakening process, for the more the conscious mind knows and understands, the easier it is to receive untarnished communication.

Being the spoken as well as non-physically transmitted language, its many symbols and overall concepts also known and understood, any communication, whether physical or non-physical, was consciously received in the same terminology. No translation being necessary, the task was largely limited to the learning of how to differentiate the two.

Here the problems are many and varied. Begin with the fact that the languages are, obviously, not attuned to the sound current, so that people do not have the advantage of that continuous flow. Add to that the multitude of those languages and the fact that, even when they are saying precisely the same thing, people cannot understand each other.

Couple that with the immense lack of awakened awareness, which has limited greatly the ability to express concepts relating to it adequately in any language. Then add the vast number of enlightenment paths making an attempt to express it in one language, which degenerates even farther when translated to another, and it is no surprise that even sincere seekers are confused.

By consciously relearning , you will be doing two things: attuning yourself more solidly to the sound current, and enabling both your memories and your communications to come through with less distortion. We shall start with some basic explanations and some simple words, and progress forward from there.


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