The Annals Of Ularz


Introduced by Kastara Parasava


THE WORD Book One 

  The story covers the adventures of Talif, age about 19, on the planet Ularz.  She is a student of her guardian Kareth, and is learning to become a Master of Knowledge. 

 She is asked by the Grand Master Texel to embark on a mission which takes her through the mysterious Vast Silva in Idylshire, where she confronts the dangerous jagquil and after many other adventures, safely reaches her destination. 

 Because of her unique ability of  ‘formulation conceptualization leads irrevocably to manifestation’ her mission is to attempt to heal a young boy, Dory, who lies somnolent.

 There she meets Master Vaek, the Master of Balance, and to her utter amazement, due to her lack of self confidence in herself,  becomes his direct student and assists him in his healing of Dory.



Volume 2 & 3 in progress


  Upon returning to the Compound from her journey to Idylshire, Talif comes to the full realization that she ‘stole’ the leuthon, to which she was not yet entitled, for use as part of her equipment through the Vast Silva. 

 She is horrified with shame for breaking the Oath of Honour and cannot face her Elders, so decides to run away.  She finds herself in a weird place of illusion called Nyxyss in the realm of Gaealia – nyxyss – the void, a creation by Texel;  only he can have cognizance of anything going on within it or beyond it without actually being present “nyxyss swallows up all light”. 

 Finally, she finds her way out, then meets giant people who teach her about understanding emotion-energy. She stumbles across Grogar, who has fallen into the abyss and is lost, and is able to assist him home by ‘thought projection’ within her vision screen, which surprises her as she had not yet learned it in her learning classes back in the Compound.. 

 When she receives a telepathic message to return home, she is relieved and finds her way back to the Compound to be greeted by Master Vaek himself and a conferment by Grand Master Texel!

THE LINK Book Three

  The story continues – two children are missing and Talif is assigned to the search-team to find them. 

 Frydon is ‘caged’ due to her being completely deranged and violent and when Talif comes across a purplish stone that emits unbalanced energy, she suspects a connection. A total of four children are now missing –  and Talif follows her instinct and enters a cavern and finds an underground world where the children are imprisoned by the wicked sorcerer, Regix, who controls them with the energy-essence of the stones, the stia, that they picked up. 

 He intones his domain through the power of Telesma, a purple petra, and Talif feels its insidious influence by experiencing a purple mental haze which inhibits her thinking clearly.  However, by hiding in the many passageways, she makes secret contact with the children who are alive and safe, and manages to send a mental thought message to Master Vaek of the situation but unfortunately, Regix, also tunes into the energy and sends his brutes to find the intruder.  Just in time, Master Vaek comes to the rescue and confronts Regix in his Audience Chamber just as he is in the midst of an incantation, and completely surprises him; those ghastly purple ovoids followed Talif for an instant, until Vaek spoke. 

 Talif had never heard Vaek speak like that.  It was absolutely without doubt power personified.  A fierce battle underground in the passages ensued whilst Vaek and Talif are rescuing the children but they continue to escape even though Talif is savaged on her arm by one of the brutes who strikes her with his barbed knout.  Vaek releases the water reservoir and most of the attacking praetorians are drowned but not before Vaek and Talif, with the children, reach the outside entrance safely. 

 Vaek seals the entrance to the cavern with a huge boulder and balances the energy field around the area and after the children are safely back with their parents, he heals them too from the insidious controlling energies of Regix.  He also heals the arm of Talif so that the wound shows no scar.   Then clears Frydon of the influences affecting her and buries the stone she was holding, much to the relief of all concerned. 

Vaek addresses the Assembly and explains the cause of the imbalances and the story ends with Kareth, the guardian of Talif, explaining to her that she must go with Master Vaek, the Master of Balance, to continue her learning from him, by saying, ‘It is time for the fledging to leave the nest.  Fly straight and sure, little bird.  You could not follow stronger wings’.  That was ‘The Link’!


  “The Master Of Balance” is a Spiritual Trilogy.  It is an adventure on the planet Ularz and is a learning of Balance, Healing and Energy.  A young girl, Talif, who possesses dormant spiritual powers of ability, becomes the direct student of a Primary Master who assists her to unfold her awareness of wisdom and inner knowing. Under his guidance and direction, Talif and we, the reader, learn from this spiritual experience as we journey through the pages of this extraordinary masterpiece. 

 ISBN 0 9540849 0-X


Texel spoke.

 I jumped. All my life I had been taught that the Grand Master never spoke, hardly ever even moved. In the past six months I had spent every early day in the Great Chamber, studying the lessons carved into walls — part of my Apprenticeship as I learnt to become a Worker of Forms — and I had neither heard sound nor seen movement of any sort. Seated in the Exalted Chair, Texel might have been as much a statue as all the sculptured figures throughout the Teaching Halls.

 I turned towards him slowly, considering it was probably nothing more than my over-active imagination. There almost seemed to be a hint of a smile on the chiselled features. He nodded, and I jumped.

 ‘Yes, my child, you heard me. I said come over here.’ The smile was definite at this point.

 His voice was deep, commanding, but quiet, gentle. I walked forward cautiously, certain my legs would simply fold beneath me. My entire body was shaking. What had prompted the Great One to speak? What had I done?

 As I reached the base of the platform on which resided the Exalted Chair, I descended to one knee in the established gesture of utmost respect, bowing my head in deference and submission. I tried to still my racing mind. It was an established fact, unquestioned by any of the populace of Ularz, that the Grand Master was aware of every thought; I was certain my current ones were far from representative of where I should be at this stage in my learning.

 ‘You are Talif, third daughter of Ramdor and Kild’.

 ‘I nodded. For an instant I wondered how he knew; then chided myself. Of course he would know. The Grand Master knew everything.

 ‘Raise your eyes, little one. I did not summon you to chastise you’……………………………

  Vaschahar Havar, DPS, Ph.D. author, lecturer, instructor, workshop discussion leader, held many advanced degrees including Ph.D., in Psychology, Philosophy and Education.

Kastara Parasava, Ms.D. was/is a direct student of this phenomenal teacher.



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