futureConstantly surrounded by confused and confusing speculation, grandiose and empty promises, and a multitude of conflicting prophesies, projecting a future that is anything from disaster and annihilation to dream-filled utopia, the people of this world are crying for sane, practical answers to that question.

Asking only for explanations to the over abundance of conflicting information, the public is growing increasingly tired of hearing the same old platitudes in hour-long speeches that say nothing and reading five-page articles that do little but underline the simple fact that no one, from the politicians to the scientists, really knows what is happening or what to expect.

From the newspapers to the scientific journals, one finds nothing but speculations, postulations, and half-formed theories on everything from the true composition of the atom to how far the universe extends and what is ‘out there’, to how to simply get by in daily living and relate to oneself, each other and the world.

Science and technology plunge headlong into tomorrow based on parameters established yesterday which continuing research is invalidating today. The space program continues attempting to get ‘out there’ without sufficient understanding of what is ‘in here’ to know how to properly get off the ground, while physics continues to smash, bombard and ‘blow up’ atoms in attempt to discover their internal design and composition without sufficient understanding of what they are to know that is not only unnecessary but impractical, while medical research continues to find causes for diseases such as cancer, and search for cures, without sufficient understanding of the actual root cause to know that such ‘cures’ are not findable.

From astronomy to pathology, to psychology, to zoology, scientists are finding themselves forced to admit they are confronted by phenomena they cannot explain, and still they fail, or refuse, to recognize that there must be some interconnection.

There is no more need to ‘blast off’ rockets to launch spacecraft than there is to ‘blow up’ atoms to learn their construction. What is needed is understanding of energy forces and balance. From that understanding comes the answer to what gravity really is, and its interconnection to other planetary forces and fields, providing the availability of more appropriate and expeditious means by which to exit the planet’s atmosphere, as well as the understanding of the atmosphere, its relation to the whole, the interrelation of all phenomena, and explanations of the planetary shifts occurring now in preparation for the cycle it is entering.

Proper understanding of energy and balance enables not only the explanations of what is currently happening, allowing the understanding of what is coming, but provides the capability to transcend the trauma and survive the transition period rapidly approaching.

Yes, changes are coming. Perhaps not the changes you think you want, in the time-frame or fashion you think you want them. Perhaps not the changes envisioned by the wishdreams of the large corporations or bureaucracies. Changes that, however, will actualize more than those desires or wishdreams could ever imagine.

But, to accomplish that actualization will take time, effort, and understanding, beginning with understanding of the interrelation and interconnection of all things, and recognition and acceptance of the approaching cycle and its end result. To get through the transition period, and to live in the world to follow, there must be that understanding. It can begin now, or descend on you later.

The method of living on this planet is about to radically change. In fifty years this world will not look the same as it does today. Nor will it function in the same way. Land will sink beneath the oceans while other land shall rise. The population shall greatly decrease, in progressive stages. This has begun and shall continue, accelerating with the cataclysm of the land, and continuing for a period of time thereafter, until stability is reached.

All of this is necessary for the restoration of the balance. The planet is at a period in its continuation where it must adjust and rebalance itself if it is to continue. Many of the elementals essential to its balance are sorely depleted, if not completely lacking, and it cannot maintain itself, much less life upon it, if that balance is not restored.

The process of cycle is a part of the basic balance of all things, which a planet will attempt to accomplish on its own at certain times in its continuation. It requires no outside action to trigger it, or direct it. Outside action will only inhibit it. It is nothing to fear, but is something which needs to be understood and worked with rather than against.

With the understandings of these basic foundations, cycle is viewed as a natural occurrence and is worked with in all ways possible in order to maintain proper functionality during the process and proper balance following the process. The people all work together toward these ends, pooling whatever resources necessary and available to assist each other, the plants and animals, and the planet itself to withstand the transition process and to properly rebuild following the process.

Pertinent circumstances are consistently monitored and relayed whenever necessary to the appropriate individuals, and any additional occurrences which are part of the process are relayed continuously to all concerned, rather than attempted to be hidden out of misunderstanding. Through this understanding and cohesive working, cycle becomes a functional and progressive time rather than a traumatic time.

Although attempted to kept quiet, there has been a certain amount of talk of a, supposedly, ‘runaway planet’ headed this way. Neither ‘runaway’ nor ‘planet’, it is quite purposeful in both its direction and objective. It is a composite of many essential elementals necessary for the re-establishing of the proper balance here, gathered in its travel across space, intended only to deposit as much as necessary to both the planet and the solar system before passing on to other imbalanced areas.

A simple, basic understanding of the process of rebalancing would enable the realization that neither that, nor the planetary cycle itself, is unusual, much less frightening or terrible. It is a normal and natural part of the overall flow of the functioning process.

Many people run from the idea of major planetary change, viewing it as a negative occurrence, something to be feared and avoided. This is a direct result of lack of understanding. Although known that the planet is not properly balanced in many ways, some of which have been publicly addressed, the lack of understanding throughout the scientific world of the true proper balance and composition of the whole has prevented the extent of that imbalance and range of the effects from being recognized. In plain, simple fact, there is no area of life, no area of atmosphere, land, water, no aspect of physical manifestation here that has not been affected. Those imbalances, and lack of understanding, are responsible for everything from weather conditions to diseases such as cancer.

Once cycle, and the after-time of adjustment and rebuilding, is completed will be the time for the living quarters, transportation, and facilities being attempted to be envisioned today. Today’s visions, however, are not allowing for the understandings which must be present both during and after cycle.

There will be no need for tremendous high-rise living quarters, or domed cities, since the population will be decreased and the entire atmosphere will be rebalanced. Spacecraft will not only not need to be ‘blasted off’, but will be able to travel much farther than planetary orbit in reasonable time-frames for manned flights. There will be a common language to this world, which is already common elsewhere, as it will become quite obvious that this is not the only inhabited planet in this solar system, much less in all creation.

The vastness and interrelation of all things will become clear. From this shall come the re-establishment of what has been viewed and predicted as ‘utopia’, but it will be by and through the unifled effort and understanding of the people here, not any intervention from outside.

There is no need to fear the future, but there is need to prepare for it. Many changes are already occuring, preliminary to larger ones to come, but none are so horrifying when viewed with understanding.

AWAKENING AWARENESS was established for the express purpose of providing that understanding and assisting the people in all ways necessary, from living in the world as it is, to living through its changes, to living in it as it shall be.

The information which clarifies all the muddled confusion which has been and is being presented by so many diverse pathways, perspectives and interpretations is here now. It begins with You, and your commitment to yourself to understand.

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