FROM ‘HEAVEN’ TO ‘EARTH’     By HAVAR  Copyright 1983 ISBN 0-9540849-2-6

There are many misunderstandings, misinterpretations, misconceptions, misdirections and confusions pervading this planet at this time on every subject from what the process of Existence is to what contitutes ‘atomic structure’, from what exists physically beyond this one small world to what non-physical existence and functioning is truly like, from how to understand and develop technology to how the mind and mental process actually functions, how to think, and how to live. Many of these, and other subjects, are explained in other pamphlets, articles, lectures and classes, the subject herein being that of the segment of the history of this planet that was the largest single contributing factor to its current state of imbalance and confusion.

Beginning with any conceptions currently held regarding the length of time this planet has existed, what transpired in its evolution, what predated recorded history, or anything which relates to either ‘scientific’ or ‘psychic’ validation and explanation of how this planet came to exist and/or to be in the state in which it is currently, set it aside and allow the truth to be told you, without preconceived ideas or defined parameters. There are those who remember this place as it was, those who are attempting to assist its returning to that which it rightfully should be. This is the story of a cataclysmic time, well remembered by many, which began this planet on its devolutionary trend, the understanding of which can greatly assist those currently here to begin resetting the course toward re-establishment of the foundations, abilities, and place within the whole of physical manifestation which was once the reflection this planet emanated.

At a time long preceding any recorded history currently available here, also predating the time your scientists project as the beginning of the existence of the planet itself, this planet held an extremely important and highly regarded position within the functioning process of physical manifestation. First understand that physical manifestation is a reflection of overall Existence, and it becomes quite easily recognized that those individuals involved in areas of leadership responsibility here were of great awareness and held positions of major import within the process of Existence as a whole. An integrally functioning part of on-going major responsibility within the process, this planet, and those areas for which it had direct responsibility, provided guidance, direction, assistance, and instruction to a vast number and variety of individuals and places.

The name by which it was known, and still is to all else, physically and non-physically, except itself, is Heven, and its actuality of that long past time surpasses even the imagined ideas conjured up by mention of the closest sound-alike word still here — Heaven. Ponder a moment on the idea that “Heaven” as a term of reference did not originate as a way in which to express something beyond reach, or beyond physicalness, but as an attempt to recall a reality and history, and recapture an actuality of connection to the rest of existence, by remembrance and re-establishment of origins and foundations long since allowed to be obliterated by rampant conscious mind control. Heven is the planet on which you reside, not some utopian paradise ‘out there’ somewhere, to be dreamed about, worshipped, dogmatized by and through religions, or waited to be ‘entered’ upon relinquishing the physical structure. It is the primary objective of those who remember it as it was and should be to establish its future in proper attunement with its long forgot-ten, to its residents, past, which should also be the goal of everyone living on it at this time, and from this day forward. There is currently a mission in progress here to attempt the accomplishing of at least initial dedication to that objective, although the vast majority of those physically present who were trained for that purpose have become as enmeshed in the confusion as everyone else, resulting in the necessity for the direct hand currently being taken to provide the direction, guidance, training, understanding and information on a physical basis. (For more information regarding the mission, refer to pamphlet entitled Mission to ‘Planet Earth’.)

In order to properly understand what actually transpired at that cataclysmic time, it is first necessary to establish what was present within the solar system, through what you now call ‘Jupiter’ not including the moon which surround it or anything beyond it, since it was radically different from what is currently present in that area. First, was Vah-deh-kah, or what you now refer to as ‘Mercury’, which has always been uninhabitable and has never had moon. Next was Keh-men, or what you now call ‘Venus’, and its two moons — Ry-sh and Vih-shet, all inhabitable, and all were inhabited. Heven, which you now call ‘Earth’ had three moons — Ri-aht, Hi-tee (the moon) and Mahl-deh-koo, and all were inhabited. Ki-ree, which you now know as ‘Mars’, and its two moons — Pi-zjo and Lite, were inhabited, but by a different type of physical structure, the same as that found on Di-men, or what you now call ‘Jupiter’. (For a detailed explanation of the composition of this solar system, refer to pamphlet entitled The Solar System, How Others See It.)

Within physical manifestation, as a reflection of overall Existence, there are administrative systems, and a hierarchy of overseeing administration systems, which maintain proper order, organization, coordination and communication amongst the individuals and unites, ensuring cohesive functioning and unity within the whole and correlation to the overall. An individual administrative system is known as di-sem-seh-dee, an overseeing di-sem-seh-dee, when referring to that position of responsibility, is known as veh-di-sah-rah. physical manifestation is divided into five major sections, known as tah-vee-harh, each subdivided into smaller sections, known as eh-tah-vee, these divided, in turn, into small sections, known as por-sem-pree, each divided into still smaller sections, known as pree-em-part, or what science here has termed a ‘galaxy’ each then subdivided into pree-cem-seh-dee. There is normally more than one di-sem-seh-dee in operation within a pree-sem-seh-dee, and each unit, from pree-cem-seh-dee outward, has one di-sem-seh-dee allocated at veh-di-sah-rha for the unit and one as kee-dex-ah veh-di-sah-rha, or principal backup. When expressing that responsibility, these are referenced by the term veh-di-sah-rha or kee-dex-ah veh-di-sah-rha followed by the unit. (For more definitive explanation regarding the divisions of physical manifestation, refer to pamphlet entitled Physical Manifestation, Its Structure and Maintenance; regarding di-sem-seh-dee and/or veh-di-sah-rha, refer to pamphlet entitled Administrative Systems Within Physical Manifestation.)

At the time being referenced herein, there were two individual administrative systems in operation within the solar system, one based on Jupiter, which included Mars and it moon as well as its own moon and more beyond it, and one based on Earth, which included its own moon, Venus and its moon, two other planets within this solar system, currently unknown to science here, and their inhabited moon, and two planets with their moon, located outside the solar system. Earth was an overseeing individual administrative system/solar system for this solar system, primary administration galaxy for this galaxy, and principal backup the first-level, largest division of physical manifestation, standing as principal backup to Kay-ven-or, the veh-di-sah-rah tah-vee-harh, which resides outside the galaxy, but within the same por-sem-pree and eh-tah-vee. This was, as preciously mentioned, a position of major importance and wide-ranging responsibility, which was always performed to the standard to be expected from such a level of responsibility and ability, and granted the entire administrative system. Because of its position as key-dex-ah veh-di-sah-rha tah-vee-harh, the leadership was of a greater awareness and understanding than would normally be necessary simply for veh-di-sah-rah tah-vee-harh, and part of the responsibility held was that of primary training and instruction in those understandings. This was primarily done on, and by those of Mahl-deh-koo/Maldek, the largest of the three moons of Earth, where the level of understanding within the administrative system was second only to that of the overall leadership of the administrative system, on Earth itself. (Mahl-deh-koo is what has been referred to here as “Maldek’, and for further information regarding it, and the misconceptions surrounding it, refer to pamphlet entitled Maldek: What REALLY Happened.)

There was, as there remains elsewhere, a level of technology, a sense of unity and purpose, and a standard of living, in attunement with the overall flow, which far surpassed even the most extensive imagined projections of ‘utopia’, and an understanding of both the proper utilization and proper maintenance of that which was physical and attunement to and reflection of that which was non-physical. It was ‘Heaven’ in its truest sense, everything dreamed, analogized, projected, and far more, based, as such can only be based, on true understanding, of Self and Existence, and functioning on foundations of concept which are currently sadly lacking. Clearly, it did not evolve from nothing to what it is now, but devolved from a much greater awareness and capability. Viewing from that perspective, the question becomes: What happened to change that, how did it get here from there? What could possibly have changed it from ‘Heaven’ to ‘Earth’?

At a point of time within the ongoing process of Existence, the Primary Master of Energy vanished from the functioning process. Reaction to this occurrence was varied, and it created a period of disagreement as to how things should be allowed or directed to progress from there. During this period there was constructed a rather disturbing combination of energies, compiled to perform a specific task at the immediate time. Once this was set on its own to perform, however, it became totally unmanageable and began to wreak immense havoc on anything which attracted its attention. This conglomeration was known as Ah-loo-see-varh (Lucifer), an adulteration which could not be considered an individual, but which did have the ability to function autonomously and the capability to cause extensive damage in many ways to anything with which it made contact. Within the ongoing disagreement, the attention of Lucifer was directed to Heh-ven/Earth, and it descended on the planet and, most particularly, its immediate surround-ings, although the entire solar system was included, like a raging fury, utilizing both physical and non-physical energies and power, with absolutely no forewarning.

A physical force of more than 24,000, undetected until they had practically reached their destination, all prepared to battle on non-physical energy levels, and a few strictly non-physical energy power forces comprised the attacking force. The moment this massive force was detected, the summons to battle was issued throughout the solar system, with request for assistance communicated on an emergency basis to areas which were not too distant, and directly to Kay-ven-or. The only thought was of defense, and the defending forces began to leave the ground within minutes of the initial summons, meeting the attacking force at its points of entry into the solar system with a defending force of approximately half the size, with others still leaving the ground. It became quite clear very early that the attackers were intent merely on destruction, that the extent of the force and power behind and with them had not been adequately calculated, and that the attack had been obviously well planned and its execution would not be easily halted.

Defenders and attackers alike were disintegrating by the dozens as reinforcements and additions to the defense force continued to arrive. Many were finding it difficult to continue the physical battle as the insidious non-physical energy drainage being utilized began to sap their energies. The main core of the attacking force was shielded by a composition of force-fields that were practically impenetrable, any bombardment merely being incorporated into and strengthening the shield, being then used as a connection to the source of the bombardment to draw and drain the energy from it. Most of the defenders had not been exposed to this concept yet in their training, and those who knew that the ‘winner’ in such a competition was the one with the greatest force.

Within a matter of approximately twenty minutes, although to some it seemed like hours, the majority of the main core of the attackers began to turn their attention more to the planet and moons. Much of what transpired in the battle for the ground was not, strictly speaking, intentional, although it was not actually accidental. The ground-based defense principal command was, naturally, on Heh-ven/Earth, with principal backup located where resided the next greatest understanding, on Mal-deh-koo/Maldek. The principal command made rapid evaluation of the situation, recognizing the main core attack force had divided into two factions and was approaching from differing directions, utilizing the same basic tactics, each still protected by the force-field shields and absorb-and-draw technique. It was known that successful retaliation to absorb-and-draw could only be accomplished through use of the same technique by a force of greater magnitude, and that, if the maintenance of the unit performing the defensive action were desired, the energy must be dispersed rather then incorporated. Methods of effectuating this, utilizing the force and power of and within a planet and/or moon, were known and understood by those of Heh-ven/Earth and those of Mal-deh-koo, the remaining planet and moon in the immediate vicinity being either not advanced sufficiently in understanding or not large enough to attempt such techniques on a force of such degree. It was also known that this sort of action could not be implemented from the same base in differing directions simultaneously, as it would shatter the source from the contraposing force and pressure. It was determined, therefore, that Mal-deh-koo would be responsible for one sector and one attacking faction, and Heh-ven the other, based primarily on trajectory, proximity, and size of attacking force. The technique employed by Mal-deh-koo was slightly different from that utilized by Heh-ven, primarily due to size and capability, Mal-deh-koo using a single-plane cubic refraction, Heh-ven employing a spiral vortex, but the relative effectiveness was practically identical, particularly since the force in the sector assigned to Mal-deh-koo was lesser in scope.

Utilizing an initial bombardment to establish the connection, the ground forces of Heh-ven began their draw-and-disperse technique at approximately the same time as a magnetic field disruptive force was trained on Hi-tee/moon, causing the attackers to turn their attention from the initial contact made to the inner balance of the moon and detach so rapidly that it was sent into a rapid, erratic spin which occupied the entire attention of those physically present thereon, for the relatively brief period physical life remained, as well as those non-physically responsible for its maintenance, in attempt to prevent its spinning completely off course and adding to the destruction and chaos occurring throughout the area. As the attackers turned their attention toward Heh-ven, intent on ending the draw-and -disperse, the ground forces of Vish-et/moon attempted to create a diversion, intended to allow sufficient time for the dispersal to have adequate effect to render the attack force somewhat less capable of major immediate damage. Creating the appearance of beginning their own refraction and dispersal, gaining the attention of attackers almost immediately, as they were in closer proximity, it retained that attention for several minutes as the attackers attempted to destroy a refraction process that was not there, until the illusion was recognized and a massive energy interlock established to the internal energies of the moon, which was then utilized to direct sufficient force through to cause it to explode. As the attackers once again directed their attention toward Heh-ven, they were confronted with a massive energy barrier constructed by Ri-aht, the smallest of the moons. Although they attempted to circumvent it, and to simply dissipate it without direct attack on the moon, the ground forces of Ri-aht were as adamant as any and all of the other affected places that sem-sky (the principal planet of the administrative system) would not be subjected to direct attack until all possible had been done to prevent it. This is the common defensive posture of any administrative system, the understanding being that, whatever else may occur, the administrative system can always be rebuilt as long as sem-sky remains. The attackers turned their immediate attention, then, to Ri-aht, connecting with the barrier established and utilizing their absorb-and-draw technique to bring the internal energies to the surface and cause the moon to explode, then returning, once again, their attention to Heh-ven.

Ry-sh/moon had exploded due to the affect of the absorb-and-draw technique, Keh-men/Venus had been subjected to much the same fate as Hi-tee/moon. And the refraction process utilized by Mal-deh-koo had been destroyed, causing it to absorb sufficient energies directly to explode from the pressure. Rah-lo-veh-shee Ah-rhon-di-airh (Ee-rhon-dareh by familiar reference), the principal leader of Heh-ven, recognizing that the second faction of the main attack force would then rejoin the first, determined to do whatever possible to slow the process down sufficiently to allow the arrival of forces from Kay-ven-or, and retain the existence of Heh-ven itself. With a great deal of awareness, ability and understanding, knowing that the difficulty in defending against absorb-and-draw was the intent to retain that which was performing the draw-and-disperse, he made the determination of his own sacrifice. First sealing and submerging the main library, knowing the administrative system would not remain immediately functional following such a cataclysm, not wishing to allow its availability to those unprepared to properly utilize or understand its contents, and recognizing the ability of those in leadership positions beyond his own to resurrect it if such were deemed desirable, he dedicated all his attention and energy on all levels to the drawing and dispersing of the energy of the attackers. Beginning with those of the second faction, with an initial bombardment for the purpose of attracting attention and establishing initial connection, he utilized his own energies as the carrier rather than attempting to disperse the drawn energies prior to their connecting to his own and affording them the opportunity to retaliate and/or draw in return. Following the explosion of Ri-aht, the first faction of attackers attempted to utilize the magnetic field disruptive force on Heh-ven, but had not made sufficient connection to cause major damage before Ee-rhon-dareh incorporated them into his draw-and-disperse as well.

Completely unaccustomed to, and unprepared for, this type of intentional sacrificial dispersal, the attackers had no plan or conception of how to retaliate. Ee-rhon-dareh and his ven-ose-char/vehicle had been physically destroyed shortly following his initial bombardment to attract their attention and all of their attempts to reverse the non-physical draw simply made it stronger and more effective. Some of them began firing on anything within their sighting and/or trajectory, hoping to stop the draw by secondary means, locking into both Pi-jzo and Lite, and causing their destruction in the process. Just as the total sacrifice of Ee-rhon-dareh was completed, approximately one hour following the time the battle had begun, the forces from Kay-ven-or arrived, directly led by the principal leader thereof, an individual of exceptional awareness, understanding and ability. Under his expert hand, assisted by the remaining defenders and by the fact that the energies of the main force had been decreased through the sacrifice of Eeh-rhon-dareh, cessation of the attack throughout the solar system was accomplished in very little time, following which, some of the individuals from Heh-ven were taken to Kay-ven-or.

Through evaluation of the extent of the disruptive, destruction, and inability of Heh-ven to function adequately in its positions of administrative responsibility, those positions were reassigned, that of primary administration of the solar system allocated to Di-men/Jupiter, that of primary administration galaxy allocated to the other side of the galaxy, to Deh-no-var, and that of backup primary administrative Tah-vee-hah/first level, largest division of physical manifestation, allocated to the opposite side of the solar system, to Li-star, non-physical, overall responsibility for maintaining balance of the solar system as a whole was given to an individual of a much greater awareness and ability than is normally necessary to maintain one small solar system, and the same was done for Heh-ven itself. The assessment of the massive imbalances of and within the solar system caused by the cataclysmic and destructive effects of the battle resulted in the agreement amongst those with the non-physical responsibilities for maintaining balance and stability and those physically present within the solar system, with overseeing and assistance from Kay-ven-or, to move the largest remaining fragments from the moon destroyed into a space created between Ki-ree/Mars and Di-men/Jupiter, realigning the orbits of everything from Ki-ree inward into closer proximity. This realignment was accomplished over a period of approximately sixteen years, following which a continuing monitoring and stability maintenance system was established. Regardless of careful planning and painstaking execution, the solar system remained imbalanced, due to the fact that what had been properly balanced distribution of mass and motion had been consolidated into much less space in much different fashion, and shift in the imbalance, in any area for any reason, could endanger the entire unit. The single most imbalance area within the solar system was Heh-ven itself, due to the disrup-tive forces to which it had been subjected, accentuated by the orbital realignment both of itself and of that which remained in proximity to it, most particularly Hi-tee/moon. In order to enable it to retain its stability to sustain life, however, it was required to allow it to complete its adjustments on its own, with a stabilizing hand being maintained by the one assigned responsibility for it. It was known, therefore, that continuing shifts would be occurring, and all possible was established to enable timely and proper adjustments when they did occur. It was also known that Ah-loo-cee-varh had settled its energies around Heh-ven, although relatively quiescent due to the depletion from the battle, that the complete removal from existence of this adulterated composite was required to await the return of the Primary Master of Energy, and that any attempt to extract and evict it from the planet would only further accentuate those imbalances endangering the planet, the entire solar system, and, most probably, more beyond. It was, therefore, determined most practical to maintain close watch, work with individuals physically present on the planet in whatever fashions, and make further determinations as time progressed.

Several of those taken from Heh-ven to Kay-ven-or immediately following the battle had made request to return and assist in the rebuilding and attempt to work with the situation, for which permission was granted once the realignment was completed. These individuals, many of advanced awareness and understanding, formed a strong foundation for the initiation of the rebuilding process. They found, however, that the planet had suffered sufficient damage to make rebuilding of a permanent nature on the basis of what had previously existed in certain areas an impracticality. They instituted, instead, semipermanent construction and attempted to initiate a series of instructional guidelines by and through which individuals cycling in could be taught what had transpired and was to be expected as the planet continued to adjust and rebalance. This provided an excellent beginning, and could, most probably, have ensured the re-establishing of proper functionability here in relatively short time, if it had not been for the pervasive presence of Ah-loo-cee-varh.

It was a period of several years, but preceded the end of the lifetime of most who returned, before the extent of the pervasive oppressiveness of that presence was truly recognized and acknowledged. Still of lesser potency than it had carried in the past, nonetheless it manifested in many ways and affected many areas. The first noticeable sign was in those who were cycling in, suddenly seeming to have fears of undefined origin, particularly of uninhabited areas, and in animals, who began to fear people rather than communicate with them. Next to be noticed was a distinct sense of confusion and lack of clarity within the atmosphere itself, which had an affect on the ability to attain and/or maintain openness to the proper flow and overall communication. Those who recognized these signs began attempting to work with those being affected by them and provide understanding of what was occurring and how to counteract it, also attempting to instruct others present and as yet unaffected in how to maintain themselves and to work with others.

Over a period of many years, Ah-loo-cee-varh gradually increased in strength, and in influence over this planet. One primary force which contributed to this increase was that of fear, as this was the main energy Ah-loo-cee-varh had generated and used to sustain itself throughout the majority of its existence. An adulteration which had no true capacity to think, it was a totally reactive force, subsisting, therefore, on that which it was, and fear is by far the strongest reactivism. This was one major key which allowed Ee-rhon-dareh to have the amount of deflationary effect he had at the time of his sacrifice — he had no fear of any-thing, including loss of his own existence, thus not only not allowing any direct return draw, but not generating any secondary energies from which to gain or maintain. Although this idea was expressed in many ways many times to the individuals here, the fear reactivisms continued to be generated and the power of the force continued to grow. By the time the planet came to the point of its major balance adjustment as a direct result of the effects of the battle, there was very little remaining of the understandings attempted to be established by those who had returned following the initial realignment, and the complete 90o turn of the north-south magnetic force-field line created a great extension of the fears and lack of understanding already beginning to become solidly entrenched.

As time progressed, Ah-loo-see-varh, either directly or through the influence exerted on others, managed to halt and/or change the course of planetary cycle of this planet several times. This process of cycle is normal, natural and necessary for any planet through the course of its existence, enabling it to maintain its proper balance and function ability in all areas thereon. Following a major cataclysm, and balance adjustment therefrom, as this planet experienced, a normal planetary cycle is even more essential for it to finalize its adjustments and return to normal operation. This has been prevented from occurring in its totality four times here, resulting in the constant changing conditions, most apparent in the weather patterns, as the planet has been in a state of continual upheaval and attempt to properly adjust for literally billions of years. Once again the normal time for planetary cycle is approaching, and must be allowed to complete this time if the planet is to continue to be able to support life. Throughout the continuing devolution of basic balance, without being allowed to adequately adjust, everything, from plant life to water, to earth, to air, to the human structure, has become greatly degenerated and depleted in essential elementals. A normal planetary cycle now will begin the process of restoring those elementals, and continued working with the process of restoration and re-establishment afterwards will bring this place back to a normal standard of structural, elemental and functional balance.

Once Ah-loo-see-varh had regained the majority of its force and power, the affect it could exert on this planet in many ways became a much greater obstacle for those attempting to work with it and the individuals cycling through. Over time, thoughts of fear and control became like a heavy shroud around the planet, and individuals physically present became more and more accepting of them as a normal part of physical life. Although much was done non-physically to instruct individuals otherwise, the open acceptance, on a conscious, physical basis, of the presence and normality of such impressions and reactions practically nullified anything attempted. As time progressed, it became all too prevalently accepted by those who cycled in here that this was just the way this planet operated, thus accentuating the automatic conscious acceptance of physical surrounding and allowing a degree of that acceptance and confusion to be passed on to the individuals on an overall, non-physical, essence-level basis. As this continued to be attempted to be overcome, individuals of greater awareness and understanding did cycle through, and attempt to instruct those here how to counteract the influence, but were all too frequently met with resistance, argument and belligerency from those here who were either too frightened or too luxuriant in the feeling of control over others to be willing to honestly, openly listen to what was being presented. In time, this generated its own perpetuation, being passed from generation to generation, constantly transmitted into the thought atmosphere, and absorbed from that atmosphere, as people became less and less aware of the proper understandings and how to shield their own thoughts and discern the proper methods of opening to transmissions and more and more encased in their physical structures and enmeshed in their unnamed and unreasonable fears. (For more understanding of how this is the major difficulty currently present, how it manifests itself, through conscious programming and negational thinking, and what can be done to over-come it and regain proper alignment with your True Self, refer to pamphlet entitled The First Great Key To Total Happiness, and to UFEA courses listed in free booklet entitled Awake to YourSelf; regarding Ah-loo-see-varh, its beginning, effect on Existence, most particularly Heh-ven, and its final removal, refer to pamphlet entitled The Story of ‘Lucifer’.)

A major part of the purpose of the mission previously mentioned was intended to be, first, the instruction of people here on how to properly align themselves with the overall, and, second, how to work with the process of planetary cycle, regardless of the presence of Ah-loo-see-varh. It has been known for quite some time that, although it was the initiating factor in the devolution and the cloud of confusion pervasively surrounding this planet, Ah-loo-see-var alone was not responsible for current conditions, and has truly been required to do nothing at all directly for an extremely long time to maintain the ongoing trend. From this understanding was the determination made to attempt a major action to overcome the obstacles and establish some basic foundations prior to the initiation of planetary cycle. It was never the intention to remove Ah-loo-see-varh, as it was well known that could not be accomplished without the direct intervention of the Primary Master of Energy, but it was also known that was not necessary to accomplish something, providing there was sufficient understanding prior to cycling in here of both the mission and the obstacles. Approximately 1500 years of training was given to those directly a part of this mission, and, still, the vast majority has become, and remains, caught in the confusion.

Much has occurred that was not foreseen in the planning, including the return of the Primary Master of Energy, the direct involvement in the mission of that Primary Hand, and the complete removal from existence of Ah-loo-see-varh, but it has not waved any ‘magic wand’ to awaken the people here, whether trained for the mission or not. There are no ‘magic wands’. There is only understanding and commitment to Self, to Truth, and to accomplishing what must be done. Herein has been related a history. It is the decision and determination of each individual present on this planet whether the more recent historic trend will be allowed to continue, or whether the commitment will be made, here and now, to do all that is necessary to reverse the trend and realign this place with a history it has forgotten it has. It begins with YOU, and your commitment to yourSelf, to learn, grow, and become.


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