What Love Is (and what it isn’t)

  The subject to be addressed herein is precisely what its title states, however, prior to exploring the subject directly, let us discuss a little about relating and relationship.  This has immediately caused you to think of external relationships, from friendships to marriages, and the first admonition I am going to give you is to look at that fact. Why, when the word ’relating’ or ’relationship’ is mentioned, is the first thought in your mind of an external nature?  Have you ever thought about the fact that there is one relationship you always have — your relationship with yourself?  No matter where you go, what you do, who you meet, you are always there.  And how you relate to yourself determines how you relate with others.  This point cannot be stressed too strongly, or too often.


How you relate to yourself determines how you relate with others.

  How do you relate to yourself?  This is a major question, and one with a great number of ramifications.  It is a subject which has been addressed in many ways, and one with which I, personally, have spent much time with many people, in individual consultation, specialized classes and private seminars.  There are any number of books, courses and programs on the market which claim to better your relationships with others, but very few even cursorily address the idea of your relationship with yourself, and even those that do so address it only in surface fashion.  Returning to the above statement, it is readily obvious that any assistance in external relationships must begin with examining and improving your relationship with yourself.


  True love says:  I love you because I do not need you,

for that is the only way in which I can truly love you


  Love is total freedom, of each individual to do as is dictated by his own true nature to become all he is capable of being, providing all assistance possible whenever and however required.  Love  is the Wisdom of proper Judgement in action to provide the greatest Advancement.  Love is a state of beingness.  You  were created from within and because of it, as a unique blending and bonding of energies unlike any before or since . . .  


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