THE CIRCLE OF ADVANCEMENT: as each individual knows that the only permanence is change, and always change is growth and progress.

                    to end                      :           to begin
                    to begin                   :           to learn
                    to learn                    :           to know
                    to know                    :          to understand
                    to understand          :          to grow
                    to grow                     :          to become
                    to become               :          to perform
                    to perform                :          to accomplish
                    to accomplish          :          to discover
                    to discover               :          to answer
                    to answer                 :          to end

What is ‘over your head’ but just another way to say it is something you have not yet learned?  When you find yourself in unfamiliar surroundings with new experiences it is merely a fresh opportunity to learn.  However, if you allow your conception of it to distort, it becomes an obstacle and the more you consider it in the light of the fact that it is something you don’t know, the more insurmountable it becomes.  By becoming preoccupied with examining your knowledge, or lack of it, you are actually eroding away your own ability to handle your circumstances by doubting yourself.

You need to be operating from a static base within which you can remain calm and secure.  The only thing which continues with you, regardless of familiarity or prior exposure, is yourself.  That is what defeats you; that is what must sustain you.  The condition is actually created by you, how you deal with it is up to you.  If you are secure in your ability to handle yourself, you can master any situation, and, as long as you know you can handle a situation, you remain in command.

No circumstance is beyond your capability until you think it is.  As soon as you feel inadequate, you begin to hesitate, your hesitation causes you to loose some of your mastery, which reinforces your feelings of incompetence, increasing the uncertainty, and you’ve lost.

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