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Create Date March 23, 1983
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what does ther future holdConstantly surrounded by confused and confusing speculation, grandiose and empty promises, and a multitude of conflicting prophesies, projecting a future that is anything from disaster and annihilation to dream-filled utopia, the people of this world are crying for sane, practical answers to that question.

Asking only for explanations to the over abundance of conflicting information, the public is growing increasingly tired of hearing the same old platitudes in hour-long speeches that say nothing and reading five-page articles that do little but underline the simple fact that no one, from the politicians to the scientists, really knows what is happening or what to expect.

From the newspapers to the scientific journals, one finds nothing but speculations, postulations, and half-formed theories on everything from the true composition of the atom to how far the universe extends and what is ‘out there’, to how to simply get by in daily living and relate to oneself, each other and the world.