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Master of Balance

“The Master Of Balance” is a Spiritual Trilogy.  It is an adventure on the planet Ularz and is a learning of Balance, Healing and Energy.  A young girl, Talif, who possesses dormant spiritual powers of ability, becomes the direct student of a Primary Master who assists her to unfold her awareness of wisdom and inner knowing. Under his guidance and direction, Talif and we, the reader, learn from this spiritual experience as we journey through the pages of this extraordinary masterpiece. 

THE WORD Book One.

  The story covers the adventures of Talif, age about 19, on the planet Ularz.  She is a student of her guardian Kareth, and is learning to become a Master of Knowledge. 

She is asked by the Grand Master Texel to embark on a mission which takes her through the mysterious Vast Silva in Idylshire, where she confronts the dangerous jagquil and after many other adventures, safely reaches her destination. 

Because of her unique ability of  ‘formulation conceptualization leads irrevocably to manifestation’ her mission is to attempt to heal a young boy, Dory, who lies somnolent.

There she meets Master Vaek, the Master of Balance, and to her utter amazement, due to her lack of self confidence in herself,  becomes his direct student and assists him in his healing of Dory.