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Master of BalanceTHE MARK Book Two.

Upon returning to the Compound from her journey to Idylshire, Talif comes to the full realization that she ‘stole’ the leuthon, to which she was not yet entitled, for use as part of her equipment through the Vast Silva.

She is horrified with shame for breaking the Oath of Honour and cannot face her Elders, so decides to run away. She finds herself in a weird place of illusion called Nyxyss in the realm of Gaealia - nyxyss - the void, a creation by Texel; only he can have cognizance of anything going on within it or beyond it without actually being present “nyxyss swallows up all light”.

Finally, she finds her way out, then meets giant people who teach her about understanding emotion-energy. She stumbles across Grogar, who has fallen into the abyss and is lost, and is able to assist him home by ‘thought projection’ within her vision screen, which surprises her as she had not yet learned it in her learning classes back in the Compound..

When she receives a telepathic message to return home, she is relieved and finds her way back to the Compound to be greeted by Master Vaek himself and a conferment by Grand Master Texel!